What is SureDeposit?
Is it right for me?

The day is finally here! You’re at the leasing office and it’s time to move in to that apartment you love. The one with the nice view, in the gated community with the cool amenities. Now comes the hard part – putting down that big security deposit.

Family moving into apartment holding boxes
What is SureDeposit Infographic

But wait! What if you didn’t have to leave that security deposit on the table just to move in? SureDeposit may be an alternative for you.

Here’s how it works: Let’s say your security deposit is $1,000. Instead of paying the full security deposit, you can buy a SureDeposit bond for just $175. When you move out, you will not receive a $175 refund, but you will save $825 in move-in costs right now.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. SureDeposit gives you the freedom and flexibility to keep more cash in your pocket when you move in. Here are some other facts about SureDeposit that will help you decide if it’s right for you:

  1. SureDeposit is good for the life of your lease – Your SureDeposit bond is good as long as you rent in your community. You don’t need to worry if you renew your lease or change units within the complex.
  2. SureDeposit is NOT refundable – Unlike traditional security deposits, which is refunded to you if you move out having met your lease requirements, the SureDeposit bond payment is not refundable. So in the example above, the $175 payment secures a bond that allows you to move in with less cash out of pocket. Bond payments vary based on the required security deposit.

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  3. SureDeposit is not insurance – A SureDeposit bond allows you to move in at a lower cost, but you are responsible for any damages you cause to the unit. Let’s say you ruin the carpet in your unit, or leave a hole in your wall with SureDeposit you are still responsible for the damage you cause.
  4. SureDeposit is optional – The choice is yours. You can choose a traditional security deposit or go for a SureDeposit bond.

Having options is awesome and SureDeposit is just that – a great alternative to your traditional security deposit. Ready to buy? Visit  mysuredeposit.com.

Online enrollment is for participating communities. Ask your leasing agent how to enroll.